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'Thelma' and the Patina Hot Rod Phenomenon

Crafting Automotive Masterpieces: ‘Thelma’ And The 1955 Patina Hot Rod

Explore the captivating journey of ‘Thelma,’ a 1955 Patina Hot Rod Truck, as it takes the spotlight at the Corvette Chevy Expo. Discover the synergy of vision, craftsmanship, and a passion for automobiles, and delve into the unique subculture of Patina Hot Rods. Witness the artistry and dedication that go into creating one-of-a-kind automotive masterpieces. Join us in celebrating the timeless allure of classic vehicles with a modern twist. Carl Beall’s automotive passion takes center stage, leaving you inspired by the world of custom-built trucks and the joy of turning dreams into reality.

Galveston, Texas offers a wide range of attractions, dining options, and activities that will make your trip to an event or conference even more enjoyable. Whether you're interested in history, delicious cuisine, outdoor adventures, or simply relaxing by the beach, Galveston has something for everyone.

Explore Galveston, Texas: Attractions, Restaurants, Activities, and the Corvette Chevy Expo 2024

Discover the best local attractions, restaurants, and activities in Galveston, Texas. Get ready for the Corvette Chevy Expo on March 16-17, 2024, and plan your trip to make the most of your visit to this Gulf Coast gem.

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Thank You to Our Corvette Chevy Expo Sponsors

oin us at the Corvette Chevy Expo, where automotive enthusiasts come together to celebrate classic cars and the outstanding sponsors who make it all possible. Explore the latest models from Classic Auto Group Galveston, discover premium Corvette parts from Van Steel Corvette, and experience the art of classic car restoration at Muscle Cars of Texas, just to name a few.

Corvette Chevy Expo 2024 Event Schedule in Galveston Island, Texas

Corvette Chevy Expo 2024 Event Schedule in Galveston Island, Texas

Discover the 46th Corvette Chevy Expo in Galveston Island, Texas on March 16th & 17th, 2024. Experience a captivating showcase of show cars, live music, vibrant vendors, and more at this extraordinary event. Explore the full event schedule now.

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