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Media Credentials

Before you attend our Corvette Chevy Expo, Vette Vues Magazine, Inc. is pleased to offer media credentials to qualified print, broadcast, and online journalists. For freelance reporters, it’s important to include proof of assignment from your editor or producer when making your request. Once you’ve submitted an online application, you’ll receive an email confirmation containing a decision on your media credentials. Upon arrival, you can pick up your approved credentials at the Will Call desk, along with valid identification.


Throughout the event, it is mandatory for each media organization to prominently display their credentials. These credentials are specifically issued to the media organization indicated and cannot be shared with another media outlet or individual. To apply for your media credential, please fill out the form available on Vette Vues Magazine’s website.

About Vette Vues Magazine: With a legacy spanning 51 years, Vette Vues Magazine is the ultimate source for Corvette enthusiasts and aficionados. We offer an extensive range of content, from in-depth features on classic and contemporary Corvette models to event coverage, technical insights, and a vibrant community celebrating the iconic American sports car. As your premier source for all things Corvette, we invite you to join our community and explore the world of Corvette excellence through our print and digital publications. Vette Vues Magazine also produces the Corvette Chevy Expo annually in March in Galveston, Texas.

About Corvette Chevy Expo: The Corvette Chevy Expo is a premier automotive event that brings together Corvette and Chevy enthusiasts from across the nation. With a history of 46 years, this highly anticipated expo offers a unique platform for showcasing the best of Chevrolet’s automotive excellence. Attendees can expect a stunning array of Corvettes and Chevy vehicles, from classic models to cutting-edge innovations. The event is not only a feast for automotive aficionados but also a marketplace for buying, selling, and trading all things Corvette and Chevy. With engaging activities, expert insights, and a vibrant community, the Corvette Chevy Expo is a must-visit destination for those passionate about these iconic American automobiles.

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