A Lifelong Passion for Classic Cars Begins in Pearland, Texas

Rene Aguilar’s Love Affair with Classic Cars

Revealing the Heart: A Glimpse Under the Hood of the 1970 Chevelle SS at the Corvette Chevy Expo in Galveston Texas.
<em>A Glimpse Under the Hood of the 1970 Chevelle SS at the Corvette Chevy Expo in Galveston Texas<em>

In the heart of Pearland, Texas, Rene Aguilar’s lifelong fascination with classic cars was sparked by his family’s love for automobiles. As the youngest of ten siblings, Rene’s older brothers introduced him to the enchanting world of classic automobiles, nurturing his passion from an early age. It was in this environment, surrounded by automotive enthusiasm, that the seeds of his deep-seated fascination were sown.

The garage held treasures that would become his early sources of inspiration – iconic classics such as El Caminos, Novas, and Chevelles. His older brothers, known for their unwavering commitment to car maintenance and cleanliness, instilled in Rene an appreciation for these legendary vehicles. This upbringing laid the foundation for his and his twin brother Roy’s eventual immersion in the captivating world of classic cars.

The Birth of Super Shine

The pivotal moment in Rene and Roy’s automotive journey occurred as they came of driving age. Their father presented them with a challenge – to not only pursue their automotive dreams but also to learn the responsibility of owning and maintaining their vehicles.

As this transformative moment unfolded, Rene and Roy’s brother, a year and a half older, offered them his beautiful ’72 Chevelle. In exchange, the brothers agreed to help him pay for his new truck.

With the 1972 Chevelle now in their possession, they earned the moniker “Armor-All Brothers” at their high school, all thanks to their unwavering dedication to keeping their prized vehicle in impeccable condition, regardless of the weather.

Their commitment eventually led them to explore the world of automotive detailing. In 1987 they started their new business, two years after Rene graduated from high school, the Aguilar brothers seized the chance to open their own detailing shop in Pearland, commencing a humble journey that began with the distribution of flyers. Their meticulous attention to detail and their relentless pursuit of excellence quickly drew the attention of local businesses.

During this time, a shop manager at Kmart discovered one of their flyers and extended an invitation to clean the company’s vehicles. Within just two months, a local car wash owner offered them space, further fueling the expansion of their burgeoning business, all while they were still attending high school. Their entrepreneurial venture soon evolved into a fervent passion for attending car shows, where they gained recognition for their exceptional work. In a town where detailing options were scarce, their services filled a notable market gap, paving the way for the establishment of a thriving business.

A Permanent Home for Their Passion

In 1992, the Aguilar brothers achieved a significant milestone when they secured a loan to establish their very own detailing shop. This pivotal moment allowed them to undertake more extensive projects and create a permanent haven for their shared passion.

Today, R&R Supershine Auto Detailing stands as the premier destination in Pearland, Texas, and beyond for those seeking unparalleled automotive detailing to bring out the best in their vehicles. Located at 2411 Old Alvin Rd, Pearland, TX 77581, R&R Supershine offers meticulous detailing services for various vehicles, from cars and trucks to boats, buses, planes, and RVs. What sets R&R Supershine apart is their unwavering dedication to detail and their efficiency. The “R and R” in their name represents Rene and Roy, the dynamic twin duo who are the driving force behind this exceptional business.

Rene, in particular, specializes in preparing vehicles for car shows, ensuring they are in immaculate condition. R&R Supershine also provides ceramic clear coating and window tinting services to ensure their customers’ vehicles shine and remain protected.

The Birth of Rene’s Chevelle – A Restomod Masterpiece

With their business flourishing, it was only a matter of time before they turned their expertise toward their own classic cars, resulting in a true restomod masterpiece.

This brings us to Rene Aguilar’s 1970 Chevelle SS, a classic car restoration that embodies restomod brilliance. This iconic vehicle is equipped with a potent 468 engine and a 700R4 transmission, striking a harmonious balance between modern upgrades and the enduring essence of a true muscle car. The addition of the 700R4 transmission, known as the Turbo Hydra-Matic, offers practicality and a more efficient driving experience during highway cruises.

Power Unleashed: Exploring the Mighty Engine of this Restomod Beauty
<em>Exploring the Mighty Engine of this Restomod Beauty<em>
A Glimpse Under the Hood of the 1970 Chevelle SS - Photo Credit Rene Aguilar
<em>A Glimpse Under the Hood of the 1970 Chevelle SS Photo Credit Rene Aguilar<em>

The Chevelle’s performance is further enhanced by features such as Vintage Air for climate control, four-wheel disc brakes for optimal stopping power, and QA1 coilovers, which provide a comfortable yet precise driving experience. Noteworthy are the tubular control arms, front and rear K1 sway bars, and polished stainless steel components, all chromed to perfection. The exhaust system, composed of polished stainless steel, ensures durability and captures attention with its captivating shine.

The restoration of the Chevelle showcases Rene’s commitment to excellence, preserving the car’s original frame and adding Ringbrothers hinges to both the hood and trunk, elevating the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. Every aspect of the restoration utilizes top-quality components, with Summit Racing playing a vital role in sourcing some of the finest parts.

The Exterior

Discovering What Lies Beyond in the 1970 Chevelle SS on display in the lobby of the Galveston Island Convention Center during the Corvette Chevy Expo.
<em>Discovering What Lies Beyond in the 1970 Chevelle SS on display in the lobby of the Galveston Island Convention Center during the Corvette Chevy Expo<em>
The 1970 Chevelle SS Rear End - Photo Credit Rene Aguilar
<em>The 1970 Chevelle SS Rear End Photo Credit Rene Aguilar<em>

The exterior showcases the iconic Cranberry Red paint and black stripes, encapsulating the essence of a 1970 Chevelle while discreetly concealing the modern upgrades beneath its classic appearance. This remarkable Chevelle stands as a testament to Rene’s commitment to excellence and his devotion to preserving the essence of classic cars through restomod brilliance. To make a bold statement on the road, the Chevelle is equipped with 17×11 Budnik wheels in the rear and 17×8 in the front.

Unveiling the Interior

Vintage Elegance Inside: A Look at the Meticulously Restored Interior
<em>A Look at the Meticulously Restored Interior<em>

The interior of Rene’s Chevelle faithfully adheres to the stock design. The meticulous attention to detail extends to the interior of the Chevelle, which boasts Dakota Digital gauges and a pristine vinyl restoration, preserving the car’s original design while incorporating modern comforts. Rene sourced various components from South Texas Muscle & Classics in Spring, Texas, specialists in restoring classic Camaros and Chevelles, making it a one-stop shop for breathing new life into the Chevelle’s interior.

A Passion That Persists

Rene’s passion for classic cars extends beyond his personal vehicle, as he and his twin brother Roy have actively participated in the Texas Chevelle Car Club, forging connections with like-minded enthusiasts. Their reputation for maintaining impeccably clean cars has earned them a prominent place in the classic car community. The joy of attending car shows and connecting with fellow aficionados is a central part of their journey, emphasizing that the classic car world is about more than just the vehicles; it’s about shared camaraderie and an enduring passion.

Guidance for Aspiring Classic Car Enthusiasts

Drawing on their wealth of experience in classic car restoration and detailing, Rene Aguilar imparts valuable advice to the next generation of enthusiasts. He emphasizes the importance of using original parts for restoration to preserve authenticity. Patience is key in classic car preservation, as perfection takes time to achieve. Navigating the evolving landscape of classic car acquisition is essential for newcomers. Rene’s insights serve as a guiding light, reminding aspiring enthusiasts that unwavering love, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep commitment to preserving the history and beauty of classic cars are the core elements of this passionate endeavor.

Rene Aguilar – A Life Devoted to Classic Cars

Rene Aguilar’s journey through the world of classic cars and detailing stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of these automotive treasures. His meticulously restored ’70 Chevelle SS, which recently earned the “Best in Class” accolade at a prestigious car expo, exemplifies the dedication and craftsmanship required to make these machines truly exceptional. While the classic car market has evolved, Rene’s passion remains steadfast, offering inspiration to aspiring enthusiasts. His story reinforces that the heart of this hobby lies in unwavering love for classic cars and the endless possibilities they offer, whether you’re a veteran or just setting out on your own journey.

Don’t Miss Out on the Chance to See Rene’s 1970 Chevelle SS

Rene Aguilar’s award-winning 1970 Chevelle SS will be showcased in the lobby of the Corvette Chevy Expo on March 16 and 17 at the Galveston Island Convention Center, located at 5600 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, Texas 77551. Explore the details on our website and secure your discounted tickets to witness this automotive masterpiece while immersing yourself in the classic car community and the passion that drives enthusiasts like Rene Aguilar.

Restoration Photos of Rene Aguilar ’70 Chevelle SS – Photos Credit: Rene Aguilar

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